Medaxis was founded in 2000 to create a true Eletronic Health Record (EHR) solution that answers the needs of all health care delivery stakeholders: patients, providers, payers, and government. Medaxis products, 360EHR & Origin RIS, unify the process of care in a single system that handles clinical data, diagnostic, e-prescription, imaging, order entry/tracking, Billing and practice management in one seamless end to end system.


Medaxis's founders are physicians, informatics scientists, health care providers, administrators, and practitioners from UCLA in collaboration with RAND and the University of Washington. These individuals worked together for years on the clinical, technical and practical aspects of health care delivery, funded by over $40m in grants from the NIH and private agencies.

The culmination of the team’s work was an 18-month period of intensive modeling of the process of care in order to define an ideal EHR — which Medaxis considers to be The process of care in electronic form — before a single line of code was written.



The unique design and in-depth understanding of the health care process resulted in a proven product that improves physician performance, practice profitability, and overall job satisfaction. It also reduces the inefficiencies, redundancies and mistakes that plague health care centers today. Quality of care is improved, costs are reduced, and care is tailored to individual patient needs.

360EHR and Origin RIS are currently running multiple health care facilities in several states across the USA, providing highly secure remote data exchange, practice management, Clinical data management, and medical imaging services.