Origin - RIS


The Origin Radiology Information System (RIS) is based on years of research and a commitment to flexible, best-of-breed, and affordable solutions. Origin manages patients, handles referrals over the web, maintains medical records — including documents, forms, dictations, and images — and administers finances in one seamless package. It forms the technological foundation for an efficient, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective imaging medical practice.

Health care facilities that use Origin use only Origin. For example, members of Harris Corporation’s self-paid medical benefit plan are cared for completely through Origin in their Imaging facilities in Melbourne, Florida.

With Origin, features that often require separate products — digital dictation, medical imaging, Web presence — are integrated seamlessly. Even customized functionalities such as “Mammography Tracker” feel right at home in Origin. 

Process-of-care features 

  • Integrated, end-to-end health care: referral, scheduling, patient check-in, exams, clinical documentation, medical records, decision support, reporting, medical coding and billing, reimbursement
  • Remote referral system for referring physicians: electronic order submission; real-time order tracking; automatic and immediate access to order results via the web
  • Audit trails: automatic capture of all actions taken for each individual appointment
  • Multi-facility/site capability
  • HIPAA information management

Radiology and medical imaging features

  • One-click PACS and medical imaging: no double-entry or separate login for  third party PACS products
  • Keep the PACS of your choice: Compatible with most major PACS solutions
  • Seamless, integrated digital dictation, with support for speech mike, foot pedal comes standard with Origin; not an add-on option.
  • Diagnostic Reports distributed automaticly via the web portal or auto-fax with alerts for referring physicians
  • Powerful and full-featured mammography tracker module
  • Built-in Modality Worklist (MWL) server communicates patient and exam information directly to your acquisition modalities.

Practice management features

  • Integrated scheduler combines orders, appointments, and meetings into a single view
  • Unique patient and order trackers provide instant practice management snapshots
  • Patient and appointment flags for instant and constant reminders and stat notification
  • Management reports: business and facility usage, administrative and financial summaries

Medical information management features 

  • Customizable electronic health record (EHR): choose from a wide variety of EHR types
  • EHR sharing with other authorized Origin users
  • Seamless, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability with laboratory and hospital systems
  • Built-in auto-faxing of reports
  • Built-in  scanning and document management.

Billing features

  • Coding support: automatic suggestion of possible diagnostic codes based on physician report combined with data-mined analysis of each site’s coding history
  • Integrated billing module:  no redundant data entry; automatically generated claim forms.
  • Real-time e-billing: quicker submissions, minimizes rejections and  faster reimbursement
  • Certified with the most popular billing clearinghouses.
  • Collections module quickly processes payments and manages follow-up with all accounts with open balances.

Surpassing standards

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Platform independent (runs on any platform that supports Java Standard Edition)
  • Distributed network architecture
  • Scalability and customizability for individuals or specialties
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure, encrypted, password-authenticated communication
  • Individually tailored user accounts allow selective access to sensitive data
  • Built on best-of-breed open-source foundation technologies