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Why Origin


Origin RIS provides one solution to manage and run not only your clinical practice, but your business processes as well.  Origin RIS's workflow design allows practices to easily and seamlessly flow from outside patient referral, patient registration and scheduling on the front end to the clinical practice of caring for your patients and finally to the automation of electronic billing and reimbursement in the back office.  Origin allows you to do it all in one simple solution!



Keeping Track of all Physician and Resource Schedules

Origin's flexible and fully featured scheduler allows you to schedule physicians' workdays and other resources like nurse stations, exam rooms, and lab drawing timeslots.  Schedule templates can be overlayed on to schedules to indicate available hours, block out lunch hours, and meeting times.  You can specify exam types with default durations to block out tailored timeslots to maximize office hour utilization.


Eliminating Searching for Lost Charts

With Origin RIS, patient charts are always at your fingertips.  It has been estimated that it costs a doctor's office $4 - $6 every time a patient's chart has to be retrieved or filed in Medical Records.  The cost goes up exponentially if the chart is misplaced and a search must be conducted; not to mention the potential harm to patient care and the damage in patient confidence in your office's competence.  In Origin patient charts are never lost and are always only a click away.


Quickly Document Exam Notes

Handwriting or dictating long narratives to document your exam notes is time consuming and expensive.  Trying to read that handwriting can delay time to diagnosis and hamper accuracy.  Also trying to locate critical relevant information is difficult to do when you have to flip through reams of text based reports.  With Origin's specialty specific templates, you can enter your notes with just a few clicks and then have Origin query your notes to access only the information you need:  Quick, comprehensive entry and simple, relevant retrieval.


Never Lose Track of Referral Orders

Referring physician orders can be sent electronically or via conventional paper orders. Regardless, Origin can monitor them via its Order Tracking module.  Eliminate errors from misread handwritten notes and errors from redundant data entry.  Orders are integrated into the front desk workflow and can be easily converted into a scheduled appointment with a single click.  Processed orders will drop off of the pending order list; never again misplace or lose orders.  As these orders are completed, Origin keeps track of signed diagnostic reports and makes them immediately available to the ordering physician via the Physician Web Portal.


Maximum Reimbursements, Short and Accurate Cash Collection Cycles

Now more than ever, all practices need to make sure that they are generating the maximum reimbursements for their services; both in terms of making sure that all of your services are being accounted for and that the services you are billing are coded to receive the maximum allowable fee.  With Origin's integrated billing and financial module, you never have to worry about this again.  Submitting claims electronically via ebilling and virtually eliminating coding errors also means that claim rejection goes to zero and your reimbursement payment cycles go from 3 months to an average 16 days. And with Origin, billing is a standard part of the Origin RIS system, not an extra cost add-on.


Customize Origin to Fit Your Practice

Perhaps you have special forms that you have developed over the years or you already send your billing out to a billing service for processing. Don't worry! You don't have to change your practice to fit Origin; we can tailor Origin to fit your practice needs. Origin has a flexible design that allows you to set it up in multiple configurations so you are comfortable with the way you work with Origin. If your needs go beyond even the configurability we are available to make custom modifications for your practice.